About Lenke

Lenke AS is global provider of services for the shipbuilding and offshore industry. Our company is positioned in a strongly growing maritime & offshore industry in Europe.

We started our co-operation on European market in 2004. We have participated projects in Norway, Finland, Romania, Poland and France. Accordingly to wide services diversifications we were lead to modernization of company structure and establishment of a company which is responsible for delivery hi-tech engineering services for maritime and offshore industry.
You can find unique competence in our four divisions: SHIPBUILDING, MARITIME SERVICE, OFFSHORE and TECHNOLOGY. We contribute with ambitious leaders and skilled workers to success of industrial projects.

Let us bring Talents to your projects; – our result oriented professionals with:

– Lots of energy and enjoyment of being active on the job
– Ability to adapt changes well and shift gears quickly
– Sensitivity to project needs and a desire to solve problems
– Co-operative team player
– Ability to make work fun and exciting
– Practicality and common sense
– Loyalty to the people and organizations you care about
– Process oriented approach, you create a lively and fun atmosphere at work
– Flexibility and willingness to take calculated risks and try new approaches
– Focused on industry development